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Our Clean Power Store

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Clean power store is the leading store with a lot of innovations in the form of solar-based products. We are focused to bring about affordable resources for you. Therefore, we have devised the latest products of solar that are not only economic but long-lasting on their own. Our company wants to enable solar products accessible to everyone without the fear of expenses, quality, and effectiveness.

Clean power store is thereby getting you powered by dynamic products like Solar panels, Inverters, and batteries along with the presence of solar grid kits. Likewise, don't forget our off-grid and grid-tie products. Here you will receive products like solar starter kits, base kits, and a satisfactory list of base kits. Yet grid tie products comprise an exclusive range of power kits. Hence, with such an exclusive range of products clean power store, is endeavored to bring about better revolutions in the future.

Clean Power Store is the largest distributors of solar equipment in the USA. Created by the industry’s leading solar pioneers to reduce solar costs, we have reinvented the dealer model and energy goods with affordable pricing to deliver high-quality solar equipment.

Our Vision



We believe in developing new ideas and collaborating with our team at CPS. So, this store helps with a belief to power you up with joint collaboration


Customer support

There might be queries in customers’ minds regarding solar products. To make it easy our store enables you with quality customer satisfaction.


Going green

Sustainability is the key to a better future. Clean power store, therefore, helps you to power up by going green.


Innovative approach

Mutual collaboration is our strategy for work. Therefore, we work together with our business partners to provide a quality state of work.

Why Choose Us



Clean Power Store created by the industry’s leading solar pioneers to reduce solar costs. Clean Power Store fulfill their vow to get you powered by nature with high quality solar hybrid products ranging from solar panels, inverters, meters, fuses, charge controllers, batteries, and solar grid tie kits to all sorts of accessories.


Team Work

We believe in developing and collaborating with our partners at Clean Power store. Our robust online presence and real-time customer support have made it much simpler for you to easily access product details, position orders and handle the solar projects. In the US, we have built our relationships with installers.


Reliable Services

We have experienced team who are capable of resolving the issue in time. Clean Power Store is your reliable and clean energy collaborator from your first conversation through to design and even after the device has been built – it offers you flexibility and confidence.


Trusted Partner

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work — from the equipment we use to the professionals, we hire to the completed solar installs and the entire customer experience we provide. But don’t just take our word for it. You sit back and enjoy the lower utility bills from your solar installation.