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Our team is there to answer all of your queries. We are 24/7 present to overcome your concerns related to solar products. There is thorough guidance from our team whenever you are facing issues. So, you need not be worried about any of the problems that you might face.

We ship our products by the most suitable methods of shipping. Most of our products are massive in size so these can't be grabbed easily. Thus, you need to follow the delivery by traveling. You can access them anytime as per your requirements. Yet, you need to leave it all to us to have a better experience.

There are many shipping methods that are available according to the needs of customers. We provide freight shipping methods that suit you according to your area. For freight shipping methods, we use most commonly FedEx, USPS, Ups, C.H Robinson, DHL, XPOLogistics, and local services. We also offer local pickup. So, if you are willing to avail of our services then you need not be worried about shipping, as we will devise appropriate means for you.

It all depends upon your area and the regulations out there. So, if you are living at a far distance then it could be about 4 to 5 days, the maximum time is 8 days. But it never exceeds then a week. Thus, you need to be worried if your time of delivery is late because it might vary due to holidays and other circumstances.

One thing that is preferred in our company is the convenience for our customers. Therefore, we come up with some suitable ways like Check, ACH, and wire transfer.

The answer to this depends upon credible sources. So, if you buy from reliable means then you will be pleased to shop online. Therefore, by clean power store, you are going to have a wonderful experience buying online.