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Our policy depends entirely upon rules and regulations. We fully understand the need of products and their on-time delivery. We fully understand that clients might not be willing to buy a product after purchasing or there could be some other reason. So, by this idea below are some of our efficient policies of return.

     Always have a thorough look before purchasing the product
     We will only return if there is no kind of external damage
     Another credential of return is the packaging of the product. If the product is with tag or it is packed then there will be maximum chances of a return
     The receipt of a product should be there to return the product
     The product will not be returned if it is broken, unpacked, used, or without the receiptClean power store willingly accepts returns on any sort of new merchandise


An individual should keep in mind that there is the implementation of certain restocking fees. So, if you are looking forward to returns then keep notice of that. This fee varies from 20%-25%. Some things must be followed with that like the price reduction. It occurs with a reduction of more than 5% with credentials like order day, and return request day along with the price difference. There must be the providence of original packaging, manuals, and any kind of secondary material if provided.


There are certain conditions of reimbursement like the ones below.

30 days within invoice date: Guaranteed full return, minimum reduction in restocking fee, and reductions in shipping costs (Check will be mailed after the closure of ticket within net 30 days) 

60 days after invoice date: Nothing like refunds or returns after this time period

30 days after invoice date: Keeps up with just store credit, reduction in restocking fees, general price reduction, and shipment


It is to be noted that returns are accountable merely for items and there is no concern with charges of shipping, installation, and any other charges apart from these. One should keep up with the original packaging, Free from damage, and the original state of the product. The items of return should be sent back in a freight prepaid manner with the involvement of a re-boxing fee.


There are certain articles that cannot be returned. But there is a defined category with items like been opened, installed, or CIGS Modules


Free shipping offer will be credited as the amount of return items and acts as the customer returns for items. It includes certain factors like outbound shipping charges paid by us, A restocking fee, and other extra-added costs where applicable.


Method of Return

If you want to pursue a return then please reach out to us through email

Any type of article is valuable so we suggest it to pack fully with padding. You should fully considerate this step as it could affect your chances of return



If you have any sort of queries in mind then no need to be worried as we are there for you. All you have to do is to visit our Contact Us Page.