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Delivery Time

·       Usually, the time of delivery is kept short and most of the orders are shipped within 1-2 business days

Sometimes the order gets delayed due to a direct shipment from the manufacturer. On the other hand, certain items need to be picked up from multiple locations and these must be securely packed with multiple layering on trucks

The shipping address must be verified before the submission of the order. Doing so can make your delivery easy and in a lesser possible time

Shipping Pricing

This factor depends according to the calculation on the basis of product dimension, weight and delivery location. Ensure to add correct location details, so your parcel will reach at a definite time. Order shipping cost abides by following services

·       Delivery on the place of residence

·       Service of lift gate


Pricing varies with time as per the implementation of taxes by the government. Otherwise, it remains the same as it is

Whenever there is an additional extra charges then the customer will be contacted and he will be informed of this charge. Otherwise, without permission, the order will not be dispatched.


Freight or Parcel Insurance 

Inspect and Accept Shipment
All discrepancies MUST be noted on the Delivery Receipt Any damage claims not noted on Delivery Receipt cannot be processed. By signing the receipt you agree that the goods are intact and have waived any claims for compensation in the future, so please make sure to check for any discrepancies before signing on the delivery receipt. If someone else is signing for the delivery, please make sure they know how to check the shipment and understand our shipping policy.
If the driver is unwilling to wait while inspecting all the items, please indicate "Concealed Damage Possible" on the delivery receipt

Check shipment for the following:

·       The cardboard is tom or punctured or entangled.

·       Crushed or broken comers on pallets.

·       Damage to pallets, belts, and/or packaging materials.

·       A stack of modules shifted on the pallet.

·       Confirm that the packing list matches the items received in the shipment

·       Please indicate the discrepancies in quantities and damage on the delivery receipt and inform the driver.

NOT REFUSE THE DELIVERY! Refusing delivery may result in additional freight charges


Collect the necessary information to file a claim
Before filing the claim, you must collect the following:

·       Pictures of damaged packaging and product (if this is a damage daim)

·       Serial numbers of damaged modules and inverters.

·       A copy of the Delivery Receipt.

 Make a claim within 48 hours after delivery
File your claim within 48 hours of delivery online at the clean power store email. We recommend filing within 48 hours to ensure success. To receive a replacement of material, the equipment will need to be purchased at the customer's expense. Duration of the claims process depends on what carrier was used, but generally takes 6-8 weeks depending on the case.


Shipping specialties

To provide a better experience for our customers we utilize strong protective sealing for our parcels. Due to this policy, customers find it convenient to have a better mode of shipping.

Policy of Warranty

If there is a product defect then do review the manufacturer information within the new product. Just leave it to us and file a claim by following the section of Contact Us


If you want the answers to certain queries then we will assist you fully. All you have to do is to click on the Contact Us Page