A Guide to Solar Panel Maintenance and Repair (2023)

guide to solar panel maintenance

Solar panels are the basis of a photovoltaic (PV) system. Solar panels are a low-maintenance technology, but they still need some periodic care to ensure optimal performance. Accordingly, we need to keep them properly maintained and repaired. Yet, the thing that matters is better performance. Therefore, we should fully maintain the panels. But, it can be possible with frequent checking. So, to guide you with better details this article serves you with important aspects.

How do you maintain Solar Panels?

Solar Panels are the important elements of a solar system. Here we need to maintain the panels at any cost. There are many ways to do so. But here we need to consider our costs and budget. On behalf of the let us consider two of the following methods.

Hiring experts

This is the most helpful method to maintain Solar Panels. We just need to look for the best maintenance services. Yet, we can research for the best services. However, we need to spend some pennies on quality maintenance. Therefore, to get a better experience with maintenance we should trust this methodology.


Here we are free to work without any cost. But, we should not forget the necessary precautions. Some of these are:

  • Keeping a safe distance
  • Maintaining a better standing position
  • Having some of the better cleaning equipment. For example, clothing paper, cleansers, and water gun
  • Checking the wiring for maintenance

Following these methods, we can easily maintain and repair a solar panel.

Can you monitor the health of your Solar Panels?

Monitoring the health of Panels can be tricky but not difficult. But, we need to follow it on a continuous basis. It is a fact that we cannot control dirt and debris. Some solar panel manufacturers offer monitoring apps that can be used to track the performance of your system. However, we can make use of some important measures like:

Making use of Tracking devices

Some companies use tracking devices. These are best to help with tracing the devices to the best. However, there we can easily track the maintenance for any part of solar. One such device is present in the form of AWS Cloud. It is a device by Hoymiles that tracks maintenance and repair needs. Yet, it is available on the CleanPowerStore Page. Hence you can easily grab it by visiting the website.

Using Software

Solar systems are all about generating energy for the best. But, monitoring the health of panels can be difficult! So, let us discuss an important software which can help us in a better way.

Energy Monitoring and Analysis

EMA acts as an important software to track the health of panels. Here, we can easily track the performance of solar cells. It also helps with checking the history of energy outputs. Furthermore, it contains some reliable features like below.

  • Evaluation of data for each module of PV
  • Helping easily with the access to solar array
  • Enablng graph system to help with troubleshooting

Solar owners can easily monitor the health of Solar panels. However, there are a few important factors to consider. 

solar panel monitoring system
Dirt buildup

Solar experts advise to check the dirt buildup once in a while. Yet, it is necessary to check the dirt buildup before it becomes huge. However, if you live in an area where there is dust then you should check your system actively.

Performance of solar equipment

A PV system consists of more than one piece of equipment. Therefore, we should have a look at the working of such equipment. Yet, it is important to do so because a minor fault can harm the full system. So, you can easily do this either by hiring experts or checking by yourself.

How often should your Solar Panels be maintained?

It is a fact that Solar Panels need minimum maintenance. But, there are plenty of factors that highlight this need. Let us discuss some of the factors below:

Living Area

Your area of living is important to show your maintenance needs. Here, we observe the state of dirt accordingly. Moreover, this factor also shows our requirements to maintain a Solar system. 

Environmental Conditions

Every area works by the specific requirement of weather. In some areas, we experience rainy weather while others have the Summer season. Therefore, with this approach, we can track our repair and maintenance needs.

What is the cost of maintaining and repairing Solar Panels?

It is a fact that solar panels now work with the latest technologies. But it does not mean that we should forget the maintenance. Yet, we need to focus on the costs of repair. Although the PV System doesn’t need to be repaired on a daily basis, but they do require periodic maintenance to boost solar panel performance. Yet, the normal costs follow the range of $400-$735. However, the bottom line costs follow the range of $450- $500.

maintenance cost

Common Solar Panel Issues

In a solar panel, we can come across many issues. You can calculate solar panel efficiency to note degradation and performance lag. However, the thing that matters is solving such issues. Yet let us discuss some of these issues.

Issues in Inverters

We all know that inverters are an essential element of a PV System. Yet, they play an important role in converting the Direct current. However, homes can only run on Alternating current. Thus, it is necessary to have stable inverters. So, we need to check the inverters or get some expert services.

Hotspots and Microcracks

Solar system works with the help of solar cells. But, these cells need to generate electric current. Yet, there comes the role of generating electric current. However, electric current flows by these cells. Therefore, with a minor fault, we can observe patches. However, these happen due to hotspots and microcracks. Due to such fault, resistance increases. Thus, with this approach system heats up. Here, the hotspots are caused by heat. Such elements are not visible to the naked eye. But these are harmful as they can burn the cells. So, we need to look after the microcracks and hotspots.

Potential Induced Degradation

The process of panel degradation is said to be potential-induced degradation. Here, we observe the variety of conditions that do so. However, these consist of high temperature, voltage, and humidity. In other words, this process is said to be a voltage leak. It happens from cells to the frame of the solar panel. However, this process overall reduces the power output.


When the layer of organic and inorganic contaminants gather on the surface of PV Modules then this process is called soiling. Yet, this process is damaging for panels as it affects the performance of PV Panels. But, the latest PV Systems easily monitor this process. All we need are the sensors to detect it.

Bird droppings and Pest damage

This factor may not seem a major thing but it can be problematic at times. For example, you can experience the destruction of Panels coating. This is because the bird droppings are acidic in nature. However, pest damage can also break the solar cells. As panels are installed on certain heights so such a factor is obvious to happen. 

Wiring Issues

For any solar system, the thing that we experience the most is the connections. Here, we need to connect panels, inverters, batteries, and other important equipment. Moreover, there should be a proper connection for such parts. It should be done properly as it can affect the performance of a PV System.

Impact of Weather

Solar panels can be damaged by hail, high winds, and other extreme weather events. Therefore, we need to check the panels accordingly. Moreover, the weather conditions vary for different locations. So, we need to manage the panels accordingly.

solar panel issues

Solar Panel Maintenance

Routine Inspection

Checking for physical damage
Here we need to consider the checks and balances for different equipment. All we need to do is to check the different parts of a PV System. It is important to check the mounting hardware on your solar panels regularly to make sure that they are secure. An individual can do it on their own or with experts. 
Assessing the dirt and debris

Any system of solar can be polluted. Yet, the thing that matters is checking up on the dirt and debris. However, we can easily monitor this condition by sensors or early inspection.

Monitoring System Performance

This is the most important factor for solar maintenance. Here, we need to track the performance of all of the equipments. However, the thing that matters is the accurate analysis. So, we can easily follow it by making use of tracking apps and devices.

Cleaning Solar Panels

To protect the panels from regular maintenance we need to clean them properly. It is important to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on solar panels. However, let us discuss some of the following ways.

Cleaning Manually

This acts as the common way to clean the solar panels. However, we should not forget the use of quality cleaners. Therefore, this method is still credible as it helps as an easy and affordable way of cleaning.

Technology of Robotics

Modern technologies are replacing the old ways of cleaning panels. One such technology is there n the form of robotics. Here we observe a quick and easy process. Therefore, microfiber and airflow are used instead of water. Similarly, the high-pressure washing is also changed by this process. So, it acts as an easy method of cleaning.

Soapless Cleaning

In the era of advancements even the use of soap is also lessened. For example, let us consider the working of some US-based companies like Bland company. Here deionized water is used with a rolling stone. Thus, it not only cleans fully but saves the cost of cleaners.


Checking for Shading

Shading plays a valuable role in the performance of solar panels. Here we need to consider proper direction to avoid shading. We know that panels need proper sunlight to work properly. Thus, we need to set up panels as per the angles of sunlight. However, such angles vary on the basis of direction for a particular location.

Monitoring Inverter Performance

Inverters are important assets as they help with energy generation. Yet, we need to monitor their performance at any cost. All you need to do is to get real-time data. However, the basic is local monitoring. Yet, it works by connecting the inverter to a device. So, in this way, we can easily monitor the performance of the inverter on our own. But, we can also seek expert guidance to avoid any kind of issue.

How often should your Solar Panels be maintained?

Can broken Solar Panels be fixed?

The answer to this question involves some facts. For example, let us consider a completely broken and partially broken part. Thus, it is a fact that minor damage can be fixed by quality welding. But, it is impossible to fix a completely broken solar panel.

How long do Solar Panels last?

It varies from company to company. However, it is certain that 90% of the solar manufacturer companies claim the maximum warranty. Thus, the maximum lifespan is 25 to 30 years.


The final points highlight the factors linked with the maintenance of solar panels. Yet, it is necessary to focus on the major factors and issues. But, this article grants you a better insight into maintaining and repairing your PV panels.


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